Feely Family National Vacation 2008-2009 travel blog

Seaspray caravan park

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the park is so empty!!!

Liam and Rhiannon on the beach

Liam and Rhiannon again

The view on the beach

Tried to get Liam and Rhiannon to get some more homework done and their diaries....unlike me who is doing it 6 days later!!!

Sean took the kids to the playground that Sara and I discovered the day before and after a quick detour to the corner shop they went to the beach.

We then drove to Sale to get some worming tablets and other pharmacy goods!!!

I chatted to Emely as she was worried as had not updated journal nor replied to her txts ....did not have mobile coverage!!!! She informed me that the day Liam and Sean were at the MCG, Glen was also there for a Foxtel meeting.....they could have caught up...oh well!!!!

We got a txt from Debbie and Roy but sadly did not catch up with them as just not enough time in this relaxed, jam packed holiday of ours!!!!

We bought some more books in two different bookshops and then went to the bakery and had some afternoon tea.....very yummy vanilla slice...the best I have ever had...sorry Mum!!!

We then drove back to Seaspray and I went to bed and Sean served the kids leftovers for dinner.

We had another attempt of an early night but the young ones did not sleep well.

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