ALOHA TO ALL: Sihanoukville is a port no one seems able to pronounce...we're at Cambodia!

Remember the rain at Singapore...cancelled deck party? Well, we more than made up for it under balmy full moon & stars night upon leaving Phu My. I even got in the Congo Line!! Haven't done that in years! We toured the deck, people joining & dropping off the line. Felt like a kid again!!

But prior to arriving in this 'resort' port, we had a sea day that to share with you.

Remember the quilters who are seated near us in the dining room? Well, after Viet Nam they invited me to their final group meeting. I asked if it was going to be a 'Show n Tell' and they said Yes, bring your project. I did just that, from 9:30 for 2 hours we shared. Each person had a chance to show a hand project they might have worked on - or not- and then they had fun telling of their shopping in Saigon, and showing that too!

I finished the quilting of what I am calling "Kamaaina Kimono" and was pleased with their appreciative response.

Now I didn't do it all on board. This is a reverse applique of a kimono. It started in a quilt shop May 07 that quilt sister, Helen of WI, & I visited in Phoenix where I bought the pattern and the fabric for the top. It is mostly white with square dot pattern in maroon,very unique design. In Honolulu I bought the fabric that would become the background, a red on maroon of chrisanthenums, very oriental looking. While Mother visited us in Aug o7 in Waikiki I traced the pattern and started the applique, taking it to Yokohama,JP Jan-Mar 08. I was nearly finished when I decided to bring it on the cruise, so bought the backing, an oriental fabric, basted it to the finished piece, and Voila! We have a quilt. To add a touch of Australia, I bought the fabric to bind it, also a red on red with a bit of black in a quilt shop in Katoomba, Blue Mountains. It's been fun and will be 36" x 20" finished. Goes into the Hawaii Quilt Guild Show end of April.

We had chosen this particular morning to have our 'Balcony Champaign Breakfast' It turned out to be a good choice in that it was the only morning we could have done this on the balcony, but it did get quite warm, and we finally moved inside to the air conditioning. Wimps, we were. The breakfast was a split of Moen & Chandon champaign; a hot entree of beautiful quiche, lovely in it's presentation...seperate plates, under those plastic covers; a fruit platter to share, under plastic; a tray of pastries, under plastic. And a tray with coffee/tea. All provided by room service.

There is normally a charge, but here's an answer if you're planning on a cruise: take the line's credit card. We did just that for the Princess Visa, and they gave us 10,000 points, which we used for this breakfast + a memories scrapbook and $100 on board credit with other points we earned by using it including double points for making final payment on it. Such a deal.

Now, this port town was a typical 3rd world country town. We were taken on the shuttle to the beach area where there were rows upon rows of beach umbrellas and beach recliners. Also under some shade trees there were pallets set up and everyone seems to be a masseuse!

Lots of hawkers, it was hot, hot, hot and we didn't stay long, took some pix and returned back to the ship.

Tonight is the last night...Baked Alaska Parade in the dining room...bags packed and out by dinner, with final pickup late at night.

Disembark for Bangkok. And there's still 9 days to go. We'll have to hunt up internet cafes along the way. But the trip isn't over yet!


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