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house at Jun Village Dak Lak

elephants and piggies oh my!

M'nong ethin minority in Jun Village

working in the rice paddies

nice tusks! You on a break?

me and Jamie having some tea at Jun Village

village traffic

Pren A Village

Pren A Village

M'nong kids hanging out on the grass

M'nong women I squatted next to for a bit. She was sharing...

cute M'nong kid at Pren A Village

another bridge?!

scenic stop

Ede/M'nong women making silk products

this is a government job 7am-4pm

Tho taking a snooze at a pit stop

back on the road


me and Tony

on the road

I see coffee beans! vietnamese coffee is mainly from here so a...

silk making factory. Separating the single from the double worms

me and the happy buddha

happy buddha!

Elephant waterfall

Our first stop of the day was at Jun Village, home to about 300 M'nong hill tribe's people. The M'nong women work in the mountains topless from ages 12-17 in order for the man to choose which would suit him best. When the couple gets married, the man moves into the wife's family house and takes on her name. If there is any accident with the wife, such as death, the man is still expected to live with his in-laws and marry another woman in their family. This is a tourist friendly village that come with elephant rides if you so choose to take one. Our easy riders took us to another M'nong village, Pren A, a few kilometers from Jun Village. This village wasn't as used to tousits and you could tell by the surprised looks we recieved from people as we were walking down the road. The M'nong were very friendly with big smiles from ear to ear.

Other stops along the way included an Ade/M'nong weaving village , the Elephant waterfall, the Lin Ng Pagoda with a very big and smiley buddha, and a silk factory. I had a really great time driving up towards Dalat in and around the richly thick and green mountains. The hotel in Dalat wasn't too shabby either. We concluded the night with dinner and drinks with our easyrider friends and had an altogether great day and night!

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