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Tony's Easy Rider

fishing Pier, Nha Trang

fishing pier

Easy Riders Tony and Tho

brick making oven

women hard at work


Tho and Jamie

cruising through scenic beauty


green pastures


me helping out the hard working ethnic minorities

working hard

whatcha lookin' at?!


at the Lak Lake resort- they invited us for a beer

sunset from my balcony Lak Lake


After talking to 2 Vietnamese Easy Riders at the Easy Rider cafe in Nha Trang and flipping through their pictures and past reviews and thank yous in their books, Jamie and I jumped on a great opportunity and scratched our open bus ticket. Instead of taking the open tour bus to Dalat, Jamie and I hopped on the back of 2 motorcycles with our big bags tied tighly behind us and saw a more personal side of Vietnam, the Central Highlands in particular. I've heard and read many great reviews about seeings parts of the country with an easyrider and it being a top highlight of people's travels and it was highly recommended. Being on the back of a motorcylce you are allowed to have more freedom than you would on a tour bus and are able to see more when you aren't driving yourself as well. Your easyrider driver is also your guide who speaks English and stops about every 1/2 hour or so and explains certain areas in great detail and gives you plenty of photo opportunities along with pit stops for coffee and giving your bum a rest.

The drivers, Tho and Tony, picked us up at our hotel at 0830 AM and tied down our 2 packs and suitcase and day bag to the back of their bikes and took off up the coast towrds the highway leading to the central highlands. We stopped at the main fishing pier where all the fishermen were selling their catch. It was very fast paced here with boats all around, fish and shrimp left to right and big blocks of ice being shredded onto the boats. The women were hard at work buying and moving fish and holding more than their own. It looked like they were running the show. The next stop was to see women hard at work making bricks. At the factory it's a constant job and ongoing process of making the bricks, laying them in the huge ovens and then selling them. Between this and another factory they make about 10,000 a day. The luch stop was more than filling a felt like a big holiday feast. I was stuffed! And for just $2 I grubbed on seafood, bbq pork, chicken, rice and veggies. I'm gonna have to be careful or else I won't be able to fit into that custom made suit I bought back in Hoi An! The next stop was a wooden furniture shop where they showed how long it took to sand down wood and making fine and intricate details. What patience! A coffee plantation was also on the way, along with a group of ehnic minority workers harvesting rice. I was even able to lend a helping hand. The last stop of the day was at the Lak Lake Resort in Tinh Dak Lak, where we checked into our little bungalow that had a balocony overlooking the lake and a great sunset.

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