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Our hotel in Nuevo Laredo was right on the square and about a five minute walk from the International Bridge #1. Our plot was to grab some food, maybe a beer or two and when we got sick of everything, crawl back to our room and hide until we could scurry across the border the next morning. Border towns are notorious for sucking, and we didn't need any more suction. Our first stop for food was a burrito cart out front of our hotel - both of us were really excited because the guys at the cart was very nice, and he had a ton of nice looking burrito fillings. Amazingly enough, both of us ended up getting some unidentifiable fatty animal product that we couldn't finish and threw out. Okay. So then we made our way to a vegeterian restaurant, the only one we visited in Mexico. Gotta say the cactus salad and soy burger were pretty damn tasty, as were the frozen yogurt and licuados.

After this, we decided to scope out our exit route for the next morning. We took a back road to the bridge, checked on exit fees and then headed up the main drag toward the plaza. This was a stupid (obvious) mistake. We were accosted immediately by multiple persistent people offering us rooms in their house ("I got my own place"), prescriptions ("I just got in some Zanex"), drugs, taxis and tequila, among other things. We quickly veered off of this road and began searching out a good place to have our last few Coronas in Mexico.

Feeling certain that the bars near the bridge would be plum nasty, we headed to a bar we had seen on our walk to the vegetarian restaurant. The people in the yards next door were kind enough to offer us more drugs. Standing outside the door (at 6:30 in the evening), one could hear loud music and people whooping it up. I thought this could potentially be a bad idea and made this known to Samantha. Samantha still thought this bar would be perfect and began to open the door. Through the crack of the door, I could see a very dark room and a few men sitting about, smoking cigarettes. I once again suggested there might be better bars to head to. But Sam opened the door and we walked on in. Much like old Western movies, everything pretty much stopped as people stared at us walking up to the bar. Realizing this was a bad time to falter, we walked to the bar, ordered two Coronas, and while we waited, enjoyed the two screens of hardcore porn on either side of the bar. Plus there was a screen showing football.

Our every move was noted as we found a table, at which point, Sam concurred that this was not the best place to bring the family. After a minute or two, it wasn't quite as bad. A few people were nice and smiled and one guy offered us a cigarette (though Sam thought he was making a blowjob gesture prior to noticing the pack of cigarettes). A few people looked a little pissed off, but the two or three woman in the joint were very friendly (though we think they may have been waitresses or ho's). Definitely an okay place to have a beer or two, unless you are offended by hard core amatuer porn. We were trying to avoid getting any more pesos, so we could only afford one more beer after the first, which we split quite quickly, then we booked out of the bar and back to our room where we retired at 8:30 to get in some good reading.

And at 6:45 the next morning we were out of bed. And when I say "we", I'm including Sam, so all y'all out there who know Sam know it takes an act of God or a strong desire to leave Mexico for Sam to get up at such an hour. The walk was uneventful, in fact there wasn't even the "event" of having our passports checked or going through customs. This "event" is apparently not necessary in this area. No matter what's going on with Homeland Security, we walked across the border without anyone checking anything on us. I never opened my passport, so it could have been blue construction paper. Pretty strange, and I'm not sure that I'd prefer this to the questioning I thought we MIGHT get.

Our first breakfast back in the States was AMAZING - french toast and an omelette at a local restaurant. We then bought a Greyhound ticket and were heading toward Austin at 9:30 or so Thursday morning. Don't mess with Texas. More on Austin to come . . .

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