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Welcome to Chinatown.

Inside one of the now rarer antique shops in Chinatown.

The Town Square.

A return to the former Portuguese then Dutch and lastly British colony and now small but neat city of Melaka 11 years on, and initial impressions are how much Chinatown has changed. After booking myself into the Eastern Heritage Guesthouse which does its business from a well-kept old building in Chinatown, I started my afternoon with a wander around the rest of Chinatown which I remembered being wall-to-wall antique shops, but economic development has meant that the overpriced antique shops have now been largely replaced offerings of tourist-tack and coffee shops offering everyone's favourite comfort drink.

The town centre is of course unchanged, this area being home to the Dutch-era buildings of Stadhuys (the Town Hall) and the Christ Church both centred around a fountain. Next up was the naval museum with its reconstruction of a Portuguese galleon and finally I took a walk around St Paul's Church which is just a ruin on top of a hill but there are good views over Melaka.

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