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Local Lemon vs Supermarket

Mars next to the Quarter Moon?

I had no plans today. The camp softball team made it to the playoffs and Tom was asked to be the official scorer so he was gone until 3pm. The team won their first game but was eliminated in the second. So the season is over and judging from the DL it's a good thing.

I stayed in the coach and took care of housekeeping and paperwork. A neighbor from Canada stopped over to see our RV. She has the same model only 4 years older and she wanted to see what changes had been made through 2003. Spent a lovely hour or so getting to know her better . So happy she stopped by.

Tom made himself a snack and sat outside with his book. I started dinner and before I used the lemon from the local produce market I just had to take a photo. My picture of the enormous grapefruit didn't do the grapefruit justice because I didn't have a supermarket one next to it. I am sure you can see the difference between the lemons. The amazing thing is that even though the fruits are big they are still very juicy.

When the moon came out we noticed the very bright light next to it and thought it too bright for a star. Maybe Mars? What didn't show up in the picture was a stream of light emanating from the moon illuminating some thin wispy clouds. Very beautiful site.

Big day tomorrow - parade and rodeo!

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