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I think that the only reason we went to Antofogasta was to see Monumento Natural La Portada, a stack of marine sediments, which have been eroded into a natural arch by the ocean. Its a very popular destination and probably the most visited in all of Norte Grande. Not only did we spend an extremely long time looking for a hostal the night before, but we spent about four hours trying to find the right bus that would take us to the monument, the road to the monument or even the airport, which was a little further away...ANYWHERE! I guess there are a ton of buses that travel there in the summer, but we had no such luck and finally gave up, hoping to catch a bus relatively early, so that as we drove along the Panamericana wed be able to see the Mano del Desierto (the Hand of the Desert), a giant hand rising out of the pampa-Ive seen pictures and it looks very cool! Unfortunately, our bus was late and we had no chance to see it...again, this, happen to us??...a little strange!

We hope for the best in Taltal!...

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