Rochelle's South American Adventure 2004! travel blog

We were told that a little town called Taltal was not only a very cool place to stay, but had numerous camping facilities. We were a little disappointed when we searched the town to find nothing of the sorts, so we took a cab which cost 2000 pesos a few kilometers out of town to a beach where we were told by again, numerous people, that we would be able to camp there. Not only was it very late, but it was pitch black out and when we arrived at the beach we saw a sign saying that it was illegal to camp there! Wew had to pay another 1000 pesos to get back into town and then finally found a hostel that we could afford. However, we were really looking forward to camping and how cheep it would be, so we decided to grab supplies and camp on the beach anyways! We actually had a really great time, instead of camping right on the beach, we hiked into the rocks and found a spot on a clifftop overlooking the ocean! It was gorgeous, however we had to dodge a security spot light every once and a while!

The next morning we started our walk back towards town hoping to catch a ride, as we had a bus to catch to ChaƱaral. We finally hitched a ride from a trucker that was going back and forth to each dump and dropped us just outside of town, where from there, we cought a colectivo to the station, but not before we stopped at a circus tent and peered at lions through their cages!

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