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TX birdbath

fire circle

port lavaca


tug boat

shells at Matagorda

me at Matagorda

country Opry

Texas A & M drill team

victoria livestock parade

Texas Zoo

spring in TX

peahen in tree

my favorite

cool birds


Well I moved about 80 miles north and west to Victoria TX on the Guadalupe River. It was settled in 1824 by Alonzo de Leon. It was strategically located on the trail from Matagorda Bay to San Antonio which allowed it to prosper and grow. Railroads are prevalent here, reminding me of Lima. It seems pretty industrial as well with several large chemical plants here. The RV park here is only about 1/10th the size of the one IN Port A so Eddie doesn't have anywhere to run. I did take him to the park today and let him have a little fun. Here are two pics of features of the park - this is the outdoor fire ring although I haven't seen it used

Here is a cool birdbath outside the office/rec hall.

See the cowboy boots.

My friends, Tom and Anita Bogart from Bluffton are here and we have been hanging out. We went to Matagorda bay last week to explore a little. Here they are at the neat waterfront restaurant where we had lunch

I had an enormous crab cake sandwich that was delicious. Here is a photo of a band stand at Port Lavaca which we passed through on the way.

Here is one of the tug boats that was anchored right outside the restaurant

Here is one of me on the beach

look at all these shells here

Friday night we went to a local Jaycees building for a local event the Country Opry where local favorites sing old country songs.

Those of you who know me know that this is so NOT my kind of music, but it was fun anyway. We were told that a livestock show was starting the next morning kicked off by a parade with cattle running in the street like a drive. Here's 2 pics from the parade

We not only didn't see any cattle running, we didn't see a cow or steer of any kind. This morning I went to the local zoo - very tiny - took about 40 minutes total. See the entrance

Here are some really pretty birds from the aviary

They are called sun conures. Here is one of the 2 tigers they had - this is the one who did not charge the fence while people were watching them!

Here is another of my favorite animal they had - baboons

Another cool pic of this peacock and peahen sitting in a tree - I've never seen them do that before.

One last pic of a tree - honestly, I'm not trying to rub this in but these are all over the place here. It's like I will have 2 springs this year because they will bloom at home after I get there.

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