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Homeless Joe..taking the same path every day

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As you may know, I'm Donna's chaufer on the days that she is working, we drive down the 101 towards downtown and exit onto Hollywood Blvd, her hospital is located on Sunset Blvd. I tell you that so you may understand the traffic is terrible in the mornings, well ok so it's terrible all the time. Donna hates to be late (as those who know her, can attest to that). Sometimes we find ourselves arriving to the hospital alittle to early, there is no parking available, only a drop off place in front, so what we have come up with is a 'strip mall' around the corner from the hospital. This has been a interesting place to wait until that 'magic hour' for Donna to report in.

In the morning we have Homeless Joe and his baby carriage that takes the same path, stands in the same place and heads to where we hope is a hot cup of coffee and some breakfast in the morning to start his day, this is 7:06 am. We notice that the stores are beginning to open for the day, and that the same two men who I see at night at the opposite end of the same parking lot are now folding and rearranging their shopping carts to start their day as well. I have noticed in recent days that the different homeless people have the same sleeping place each time, it's as if they have written their names on the building.

At night as I leave "Homer" and head down the 101 towards downtown and exit unto Hollywood Blvd, get in the right lane, drive 3.1 miles to 'my' strip mall, make a complete stop at two intersections that have the word STOP painted on the cement, ( I think I'm the only one who see's this) make a left turn and find 'my' parking place that I have been parking in for several weeks, is now OCCUPIED by another car. I can't believe it, that's MY SPOT! I snicker at my self, it's just a parking space, but it's MINE ! I understand as much as my brain can comprehend, that by the grace of God, I'm really not any different then those homeless people that guard their spot as if they own it. We all are a bit possessive, doesn't matter how much we have or how little.

I pull into a 'new' spot and sit, I have 45 minutes to wait for Donna to end her day and call me for pick up. I could have stayed at the RV Park longer, but then I would have missed Homeless Joe and his friends and would have missed the laughter of those sitting there having a conversation between themselves. When I first started parking in this lot and I saw a "real Homeless" person, I felt sorry for him, but I think as they see "US" driving by in a car that we don't yet own, or live in a house that really isn't ours and have to report to a job that most of us hate to wake up to...(except Donna) maybe the laughter is directed at us, what IF they are happy and content where they are at this moment and we are the 'nomads' that are still looking and pushing our own carts around.

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