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Kota Kinabalu from the airplane

Josh, sleeping like the angel he's not!!

Welcome to Kota Kinabalu

Enjoying our new location :)

WorkCover ppl, safety comes first!

A five story shopping centre, just what this little picturesque town needs...

Josh on the speedboat to Mamutik Island

Me on the speedboat to Mamutik Island

Island paradise

Snorkelling and tropical fish

More fish!

One of my favourite fish

It's a hard life visiting these beautiful places! :P

A rather big fish... me!

Sapi Island

The jetty at Sapi Island

Josh bushwalking on Sapi

Me bushwalking on Sapi... a little nervous about leeches!!

Next stop after Kuala Lumpor was Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. I realised that this will be our 4th flight in 10 days, and who knows how many miles we have travelled! I think this thought made us quite tired, so we both slept soundly on the plane... Josh a little longer than me, obviously!

Upon touching down in Kota Kinabalu, we decided to once again recharge our batteries by getting a meal at a Western fast food joint, this time, KFC! The KFC here is just fantastic, the chicken pieces are HUGE and fresh, the burgers delicious and even the potato and gravy (which I usually just chuck away) tastes good! :)

We caught a bus from the airport to the town, and met an English bloke, Cam, along the way. Although we went our separate ways to find accommodation, by the funny coincidences that happen while you're traveling, we ended up in the same place, as our first choice turned out to be a little pricey. Josh and I are finding this quite a theme in Malaysia, a lot of the prices listed in the Lonely Planet (which was printed in March 2008) have increased dramatically, from transport, to accommodation, to entrance fees. So, travelers, take more money! lol

After a quick tour of the town, we once again bumped into Cam and decided to get a few beers and a bite to eat together. Conveniently, there is a bar right in front of the hostel we are staying at, Summer Lodge, so we ended up stopping there, and ordering a hookah pipe to complement our drinks :) The Summer Lodge is a great place to stay, its clean, bright, has airconditioned rooms, free internet and breakfast in the morning. It also has a good laundry service in house.

On waking up, Josh and I decided we needed to take it easy a little bit, so snorkeling on the surrounding islands sounded perfect. After a short speedboat ride out to our first island, Mamutik, we geared up and hopped into the water. I was very pleased to be able to use my camera underwater for the first time, and it worked a treat! The visibility was a little disappointing, only about 2 metres into the distance, but when you're kicking along the surface, only hoping to see the bottom, its more than adequate :) The variety of tropical fish we saw rivaled any scuba dive I've done as well, so that was pretty exciting. The fish are also very friendly and come and swim with the snorkelers because often they get fed, so plenty of great photo opportunities!

After some more snorkeling and a sun bake on the beach, we headed to Sapi Island, the smallest out of the three that constitute Tunku Abdul Rahman National Marine Park, but which had some really good snorkeling, and a great bush walk through the rain forest.

Once again, Josh and I have managed to tucker ourselves out!!

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