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start of our uphill hike looking back at the village we stayed...

here's some nice and green for ya!


smile and pretend you don't have a hangover Jamie!

more scenery

Sitha leading the way

small Hmong village

small Hmong village

more scenery

trailing behind, but keeping up and soaking it all in

roadside village we stayed at

chief's house we stayed in

the Khmu killing time



I Woke up at 5am with all the animals. Surprisingly I didn’t have too bad a headache from the batches of Khmu whiskey. It’s a lot mellower than Lao Lao whiskey from what Sitha told us. Today’s trek was supposed to be about 8 hours, but being that we were all pretty fit and only 3 people we made it to our next stop in about 5 hours. We hiked up and down a couple of steep mountains, through a Hmong village and more rice fields, had to make our own path since the cutting down of trees and bamboo covered the old trail, and saw quite a few workers amazed at how tall Jamie and I were. Walking on the top of the mountains I got some good shots of green, but most seemed a bit dry(well duh it’s the dry season!!) Atleast is the dry season you don’t have to worry about leeches!

The village we stayed at was on the side of a main road and had power running through it. There was also the Nam Ou river right behind it. Ban Houay Leuang was the name of this Khmu village. 85 families here. A bit of a change of pace from the last few villages I encountered so far. We ended up in the chief’s house, which was a house made of bricks. We slept on the floor downstairs where the TV was and the family all slept up stairs. The chief seemed a really nice guy and you could tell he wanted to communicate more with us. During dinner he had a couple cousins over and offered us some young buffalo meat and intestines along with buffalo blood that was some sort of gelatin mold. Afterwards he offered us some whisky and I gladly accepted. It sure beat the can of sardines and rice I had for lunch!

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