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I thought that I would call Mercy Hospital in Evansville Indiana this morning, I actually was able to speak to Rebecca, normally when I call she is asleep or in such pain she is not able to have a conversation with me. Today when I called, she was doing her 'Jane Fonda' routine with the nurse, but was still able to speak to me for a minute or so, I find Rebecca in good spirits and strong. At the time I called her, she still had her 'pic line' in but was not attached to any 'drug flow', she was sitting up in a chair and talking. Because of the loss of strength in her hands, she is limited in what she can do, I believe she finds it difficult to hold a phone, push a call light button or use a wheel chair on her own, but she is improving! She may remain at this hospital for a few more weeks and then get transfered to Owensboro, where her friends can visit her on a regular basis.

We still remain thankful that you have continued to pray for Rebecca and for healing, we know that if God wasn't with her at the time of the accident, she would not have been with us today.

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