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Hostel in Wilderness

Front house/reception desk

Main house, 1800's victorian

Stairs up to dorm room. Imagine going up that with a huge...

View from bathroom (thought it was pretty)

View from dorm room

Dorm room

Grounds at hostel

Horses on property

Canooing up river in park to hiking trail

Rock formation along trail

One of the waterfalls

Me at edge of waterfall

Taking a dip

Me and waterfall

Another waterfall

View of a pool below

View on hiking trail

Feb 11 Wednesday-

Today I slept in for the first time. Have a very comfy bed and there was a cool breeze all night and into the morning. Got up and walked to town which is about a 30min walk. Spent all day at the Internet cafe updating this website and downloading my pics. I realized I have no idea how to download pics so the guy that runs the office which is about 70yrs old was trying to help me. We ended up grabbing a waiter from the restaurant next door to come help. It takes about 30-40min just to download 10pics. This is a real small town so hopefully the next stop it will be faster. The guy didn't charge me for the four or so hours I was here cause he felt sorry for me. lol. I took him out for a beer after to thank him. Then walked back to the hostel to eat the only food I had which was cheese and crackers. Read my book and went to bed. It was a really gloomy day so no time waisted.

Feb 12 Thursday-

Today I woke up early and walked to town to get a ride from my old friend to take me to the park to go canoing. I canooed up the river for about 40min to a hiking trail. The trail was another 40min until you reach a set of waterfalls. Went swimming and cooled off under the waterfall. The canoe ride back wasn't so fun due to the wind blowing right towards me. talk about a work out! Man I'm gonna be all buff after my adventures. Oooo lala watch out!!

I'm not done downloading pics for the Cape Town entry or this one so make sure you check back later to see the rest of the pics.

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