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Torrential rains came down on Gold Canyon last night and continued on and off today. The temp has dipped and the sun has disappeared. Fortunately, today's activities were indoors.

Tom had a few things he wanted to do on the coach - change the entry light bulb that blew, adjust the roof gutters ( he noticed that their position was not correct after the high wind and rain last night), and check the water in the batteries that operate the lights in the coach BUT-- it rained all morning and by 3:00 we had to be at the Pot Luck (our first). What fun. All the food was tasty and no two people brought the same thing. There were tons of salads, two or three different chicken dishes, a pot full of pulled pork, and a tray of lasagna. At least five people brought dessert but who had room!

After dinner, we took turns introducing ourselves. Our instructions were that you had to tell at least three things about yourself one of which would be a lie and everyone had to guess what it was. Among other things, Tom said that we had been RVing for five years and that this was our first pot luck supper. Most people believed that we had been RVing for five years and that he lied about this being the first time we had attended this kind of supper. Besides the funny lies that people told, it was interesting to find out what they used to do for a living and why they chose the RV lifestyle. All of us definitely share the wanderlust gene.

Before we went to a party for Mary Jane and John's friends visiting from Wisconsin, we had enough time to talk to our three sons. Colin caught some sort of flu that is circulating in Chicago and has missed an entire week of work. He will return to the job tomorrow but still sounds stuffy and a bit tired. Spencer and Owen are well ( thank goodness) and are grateful for the warmer weather in Detroit.

Russ and Linda, the guests of honor at Mary Jane and John's gathering, are charming people. We had a lot of laughs and spirited conversation ( the snacks were darn good too!) We left late - almost midnight- so it's right to bed. Have to get up early tomorrow for the Monday morning coffee and hiking club meeting.

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