Mexico & Central America by Motorcycle 2008/09 travel blog

It poured rain all night and we debated whether to wait another day here in Copan Ruins for it to pass but the weather forecast showed rain all week. We decided to just suck it up and hope the skies cleared along the road somewhere.

First stop was the border crossing from Honduras to Guatemala. It was amazingly quick and easy! The Honduras Aduana took our bike permit, glanced over at our bike from a distance then stamped my passport with the exit stamp. He smiled and said “Immigration is at the next window, have a nice day”.

The immigration guy looked over our passports, stamped them and smiled. “Next window is Guatemala Immigration.” A quick stop at the next window and we were done except for the Guatemala bike permit.

I had been given a temporary exit stamp for my Guatemalan bike permit when I left but expected some kind of hassle or process. The Guatemala Aduana official looked at my document. “Your permit is still valid. Welcome back to Guatemala”.

The whole border stop took well under 15 minutes and everyone was helpful, friendly and even smiling! What a treat.

Not long after leaving the border the heavy rain stopped although we were riding through light rain and fog pretty much all day. The roads were good and very scenic where the fog was not obliterating the landscape. The highlands and hills of Guatemala are amazingly picturesque.

By 3:00 PM we were ready to stop at a town called Salama but since it was pouring rain there and the sky looked a little clearer ahead we thought we would push on to Coban. It was a cold and wet hour we could have done without as the rain continued, the fog thicken and the traffic slowed to a crawl.

We finally reached Coban, cold and wet. Luckily, quickly found the hotel we had in mind and were soon checked in.

There is no such thing as heaters in this part of the world as far as we have seen. The room did have a fireplace but the wood they had left for us was like iron. I have rarely seen wood so hard, dense and heavy. I have seen ironwood and this was very close to it. It simply would not burn no matter what we tried so we ended up hiding under the heavy wool blankets the whole evening.

Tomorrow we plan on heading to Flores which is on the Yucatan Peninsula and hopefully much warmer. What happened to our tropical adventure?

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