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Heather on the way down to Mackenzie Falls

MacKenzie Falls

Burnt out tree from forest fire that swept through the Grampians in...

Regrowth after the 2006 forest fire

Boroka Lookout

Saturday February 7

Since we had seen a weather forecast indicating that today was going to be really, really hot (projected to be 44 degrees Celsius), we headed out for our hiking early.

Our first destination was MacKenzie Falls which is a wide cascade in the Grampions Park. Considering the drought which is widespread over Victoria State at present, there was still a fair amount of water flowing over the falls. The hike was described as being a very steep route which required a little over an hour each way. It turned out to be a relatively easy walk down to the base of the falls, but a challenging climb, especially with heat and the flies, back up the stairs to the car park.

En route to our second stop for the morning we saw more evidence of the massive forest fires that swept through the park in 2006. Almost all of the large trees had their lower limbs and bark burnt by the fire, but nature has brought back the vegetation of the forest floor, and the young trees are already over ten feet tall.

At Boroka Lookout, even though it was a bit hazy, we were able to see down the valley to Lake Bellfield (reservoir) in the south, and off to the flat land to the north and east.

We ate lunch back at our lodgings, and spent the early afternoon avoiding the extreme heat by lounging around reading our books and updating the journal. We headed back to the Aboriginal Cultural Centre to use their internet computers and to have an afternoon coffee.

When we left the Aboriginal Cultural Centre, it was incredibly windy and there was a lot of wind damage in the area. Since it was excruciatingly hot outside and so windy and dusty, we decided that this afternoon was definitely a good time to stay indoors and catch up on some reading.

We went out for dinner to the Kookaburra Bistro and had a really good meal; Gary had kangaroo for the first time this trip. It began to cool down later in the evening, but we heard on the TV that there are many bush fires throughout the state of Victoria and New South Wales.

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