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souvenir shop

white pelicans

Okay, here's what I've been doing in Port Aransas. Going to the beach every day - usually twice because Eddie loves it. Sunday was an exceptionally nice day and lots of people and dogs were out

You can actually drive on the beach here and people park within feet of the waves to fish or just sit

One guy brought his new toy

Saturday I went over to Rockport with some new friends. We saw white pelicans, which I didn't know existed

Then we went to a funky little restaurant that has about 50 flavors of cheesecake, several of which you have to be over 21 to order. Lori ordered one of those - I think it was cherry amaretto. I had white chocolate coconut. Here we are outside the place

A guy who works here in the park gets these amazing shrimp and has them for sale - I've never seen such huge ones. I also never bought any with heads still on them - kind of yucky but look at the size of these

I paid $7 for a whole pound

The RV park here has lots of activities also. I have been to a burger cookout, a dance, line dancing class and last night I went to dime bingo, which really isn't much like bingo at all. It costs $1.80 and you play with dimes. I won $24.30 on last game of evening. Tomorrow I'm going to Bible study and an RV Q & A session.

I have also been to town a few times. Went to karaoke the other night and no I did not sing - someone had to take the pictures.

Today I rode the trolley which picked me up right here in the park.

It costs $.25 and the driver narrates sights along the way and even makes restaurant recommendations. I got my nails done and spent my bingo winnings on a pedicure. Check out these awesome tootsies

The souvenir shops here all have something interesting to get your attention check these two out-

One of the stops is a city park which is right on the harbor. The driver said it is the best place to see dolphins so I will go back to see if I can spot some. I want to go to Corpus Christi one day and myabe the King Ranch. I'll keep you posted.

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