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our view during dinner


Me explaining scrabble

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for all your replies so far....we have decided to go to Bangkok, from where we can use a more advanced travel system ie - sleeper trains, internal flights, comfy buses on good roads. We will still head to Laos and Northern Thailand, but hopefully make time for some island, beach time in the south (Matt wants to go to Kho Phi Phi)

We are still lazing on the beach, being harassed by every type of person selling every type of thing! All the beach kids are amazed by scrabble, and enjoy showing us that they know their ABC's. Dinner last night was a BBQ of giant prawns and baracuda, cooked and then eaten on the beach with salad (healthy!) and chips (not so healthy) all for $3 each!

We have learnt a few things -

1 - Don't buy any food or drink with "happy" in the title (God bless lonely planet)

2 - "No" has to be repeated several times throughout the day.

3 - We are getting old, we were in bed by 830 last night.

We promise to leave the beach soon so we can write a more interesting blog!

We are missing you all lots, and feel a tiny, tiny. tiny, bit sad at missing the snow!

Lots of Love

Libby and Matt x

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