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Celebration for the 15th day of the Chinese New Year

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Good afternoon!

So after touring Singapore yesterday.. I lounged by the pool, got a very impressive tan for being out there only a short while and then popped over to meet my tour group in China town. WOAH what a difference a hotel makes :S I can't say I've ever experienced a room with mold on the ceiling and a dirty bathroom like that but hey- I'm coping.

I am paired with a nice girl from England who is new to this travelling on your own business as well. The rest of the group consists of a retired couple from NY, some boys from England, 1 guy from Scotland, a polish lady and a brother/sister pair from California. The leader is from Australia and is highly entertaining. We went out for dinner in China town where there is this famous 4'9 muscular body building model chef who had random poses of him in the menu. Both the food and the pictures were great! haha!

This morning we left Singapore and took a 5 hour bus ride to Melaka. The drive was lovely and full of palm trees and a variety of other foliage. Melaka is a really old port city that has portuguese, dutch and english influence. Today was EXTREMELY humid and hot. It feels like you are walking in a suana. Most of my group went on a boat up and down the river but instead I went to the museum of architecture, hiked the hill to a church/grave site, walked around the main part of the city, visited China town, had roast duck (yum) and rice balls (not so yum) and looked at the different transportations randomly placed in the city (airplanes, trains, tanks etc) (Mom- I am fine. It is not scary.. I stuck to main roads where all the tourists were).

Melaka is predominately Muslim so there is not much to do in the evening. We are taking a trishaw ride in a little while (a a bike with a cart attached to it) and then we may go out to watch a movie after dinner. For dinner we are going to this big bazaar that has stalls of different cooking techniques and ingredients. We have to leave at 8am to catch the bus to K.L tomorrow so whatever we do, it will be an early night.

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So far the trishaw is one of the top highlights. Our biker was highly entertaining and the leader of the bikers (do not picture a hell's angels gang or you will be way off base here) was really informative. He broght us to different temples and the different communities around the city. The food at the stalls was definately NOT great but we did get to try skewered and satayed intestines so wahoo for that. Luckily a mangoo smoothy made up for it. The young crowd ended up going to check out the festivities in China town and we got split up because of all the pushing and shoving from those crazy little asian women. The brother, sister, Scottish guy and I ended up making our way out of the mayhem and wandering the desserted streets along the river until making our way back to the hotel. We then enjoyed a beer and a great guitarist who was highly entertaining. He played some Jack johnson and CCR and was really fun and included us in most of his skit.

The rest of the group found us and then myself and a Brit stayed until the show was over. The next morning some of us had roti and curry for breakfast at this hole in the wall which was FANTASTIC(while others went for caucasian food)

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