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The view from our guest house.......

Ahhhh, at last we are away from the hustle, bustle, dirt and noise....I am sat a computer, and when I peep over my screen I can see the sea....about ten meters away!!! Having visited a tiny, tiny place called Kep and found no room at the inn we went to Kampot (famouse for producing pepper). We then discoved that the road to the deserted hill station of Bokor was closed, we hot footed it to the costa-del-cambodia. So far I've eaten a cheese burger and a banana split, and I have nothing else to tell you all!!

We are trying to decide between the following options...answers on a postcard please.....

A - whether Southern Laos is worth 26 hours on a bus, or

B - 6 hours to Phnom Penh and a flight to Bangkok, then onto Northern Laos where most of the stuff is.

We will continue to sit on the sand and listen to the ocean until ALL of you have replied with your views on the situation.

Love Libby and Matt

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