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Our small but mighty car!

Montevideo - The Old City

Giant Watermelons In Punta Del Este

Punta Del Este At Night

Us in Punta Del Diablo

Piriapolis From Way Up

Chivito Sul Plato - Yup...we ate it all!

Paradise is a beach in Uruguay...

We spent the second week of our trip in Uruguay. We checked out of our apartment on Sunday morning and then took a taxi to the car rental agency. When we arrived it was closed and the sign on the door showed that they were closed on Sunday. Standing in the centre of Buenos Aires with our luggage we were both a bit at a loss for what to do next. We didn´t have a lot of time to contemplate because within five minutes a car came screeching to a halt in front of us and out jumped the car rental staff of two coming in just to give us our car. We needed some papers to prove the ownership of the car in order to cross into Uruguay so we had to spend an extra night in the city to get those papers on Monday AM. This meant a night in a hotel that was honestly right out of an Austin Powers movie. It was built and last renovated in 1960 and the tube tv and funky kiwi green everything was hilarious. Monday was a mess of a day spent in BA trying to get the proper paperwork in order to satisfy Uruguayan customs. We literally spent three hours staring at the Casa Rosada while waiting on some man in Rosario to answer his cell phone and confirm that the car wasn´t stolen. Our ferry was booked to leave at 6pm and we got some (not all of the paperwork) at 5:30 and then drove like maniacs to the ferry station. I had to board the ferry and watch through the window to see if Vic was allowed to drive on. This got really nerve wracking when the started closing the door to the ferry and the car was still sitting on the dock while Vic talked to the customs agents. Probably because of the last minute timing, customs let us pass and it took an hour to cross over into Uruguay. We docked in Colonia and then drove straight to Montevideo. The highway was in great condition and lined on either side with rows of trees and we passed beautiful estancias. Every so often you get a soft whiff of manure accompanied by signs for cheese and homemade jams. Somehow that association meant that every whiff of manure made us a bit hungrier...weird! The pace in Uruguay was immediately more tranquil and relaxed which is saying a lot because Buenos Aires was pretty chilled out to begin with. We drove straight through to Montevideo knowing that we would be back in Colonia again in a month. We tried to get in touch with Vic´s family in Montevideo but didn´t get through so we met up with Luis, Lila, Steph & Nanda (family friends) and had a delicious bbq followed by watermelon with them at their house on the way to Punta Del Este. The watermelons in Uruguay are the biggest we have ever seen and SO delicious. En route to Punta the highway scenery was a bit crazy. We passed an accident where a man on his bike was hit by a car and two live forest fires. It was nuts! They have had a serious drought in Uruguay and central Argentina this year and a lot of the rivers have dried up. There have also been a lot of forest fires caused by holiday fireworks, bbqs etc. While we are grateful for the clear skies, the need for a good downpour was obvious. We spent the week hanging at the beach and getting way too much sun and exploring the coast including La Paloma, Punta Del Diablo and Piriapolis with Luis & Lila. We then drove up through a town called Carmelo en route to visit family in Paysandu. We then drove up through a town called Carmelo en route to visit family in Paysandu. We stopped at a cheese factory and vineyard for lunch and then went back again for homemade pasta and desserts for dinner. The food here is delicious and the scenery all looks like it is right out of a fairytale. There are massive fields of sunflowers followed by estancias with horses. It was all truly breathtaking. will have to wait, each one takes about 20+ minutes to upload!

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