Half-way around the World in 90 days - 2009 travel blog

Fiji is great so far. But the internet is quite slow, so I'll try to cram everything into this entry.

It was a long and boring journey here, so we'll skip that and get to the good stuff.

The first day we spent relaxing by the pool and fighting our bodies urge to sleep. We managed to stay up to a normal time and were adjusted to the time by morning. If my calculations are correct we are 17 hours ahead of you midwest folk. Yep that's right, tomorrow will be good. I know. It started raining mid-way through the day on Friday. So while in Fiji and raining we weren't left with much to do, so what else? We drank. Then our hostel put on a traditional ceremony of the Kava drink. They hired a guitar player and we hung out by the pool all night. The rain had let up by the evening. It was only the three of us and one other lone traveler, Brent from Sydney, that had the places to ourselves. It was a blast. Our hostel is very homey and the staff are so friendly.

The next morning we ventured into the town Nadi (Nan-di) to visit the Hindu temple. It is a beautiful and quite big temple that is well visited by people all over the world. It was painted very ornately and colorful. After we toured the temple they served us a free veg. meal called Splow that was a rice dish we ate with our hands. Yummy! We then explored the town. There were floods just before we arrived and the damage was very evident as we walked the streets. We saw "flood sale" in a lot of the stores. It is so devastating to see people that have so little to begin with lose everything. It should also be noted that we had originally planned to start our trip 10 days earlier and would have been here for the storms. few.

Today we took a cruise the island Beachcomber and spent the day on the beautiful Fijian beaches. A girl we are lodging with , Kat from England, tagged along.We went snorkeling and saw some of the most amazing creatures and reefs just feet off the beach. I touched a blue starfish!!!! The colors in the fish were breathtaking. We also played a mini-golf course that weaved through the natural jungle, so cool.

We are going to rest up tonight and are heading out for a tour of a Fijian village and waterfall/river tour tomorrow. I'm hyped for that.

All else is well. Living in the moment, a little red from the sun, and happy overall. I will write again soon when I can.

Love you all.

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