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The trees are huge here in the Rainforest!

An 80 metre tree..couldn't even see the top!

A canopy walk...only 5 metres as chickened out of the 40 metres...

The Otang Asli aboriginal people in the Rainforest!

They live in these shelters and live off the land

There were babies and children everywhere!

This gives you the general vibe of the place

I headed back up North to a place called Taman Negara, its ideal if you are not the sunbathing type. Its got waterfalls, walks galore, aborigines and lots more. I believe its the oldest rainforest in the world and dates back to the ice-age!!

I went first to the Orang Asli settlement, totally facinating...... The tribe are so young and the mothers were maybe 15! Needless to say there's not alot to do after about 7pm so they have on average between 5 and 12 children! The elders die around 40 and due to child mortaility they need that many children just for the Batek tribe to survive.

They showed us how they make a fire from a tree, I was useless so will always bring a lighter into the forest from now on! I wasn't so bad at hunting so I might just be able to spear a fish or something. They have torches now and shop for food once a week, apart from that you would think they were from the stone age! They hunt, fish, drink juices from trees, medicine comes from leaves or trees etc....

I did a tiny canopy walk but was not brave enough to do the 40m canopy walk, its 40m off the ground in the tree tops! I tell you.....that hypnotherapy I did before I left for my fear of heights was a total waste of money!

We got hit one night with a swarm of flying ants and blue-bottles...nice! Didn't get much sleep that night but they were all dead in the morning. Had a nice little cockroach in bed with me too....lucky old me! I did my bit for women's lib and didn't scream and killed it myself!! Girls I hope your all proud! I saw a moth the size of a bird....we didn't know what the hell it was....that was scary!

Met loads of ornathologists (not sure if thats how you even spell it)....they study birds as a hobby! Had to try and keep a straight face and show a little interest as they babbled on! They would get SO excited when they heard one......whatever rocks your boat!


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