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Built in 1940 for the Veterans who has passed on

Flowers and Stone

curved arches welcomes

living flowers amoung the stomes

careful placed rows

standing guard forever

silent cannons

withering flowers...

stone soldiers

together again...



rows and rows...


crooked amoung the straight



words of the wise





On our way down Hwy 405 S, we have encountered the Los Angeles National Cemetery, we have actually driven past all the white crosses a few times and one day we thought we would stop and walk through. Today was the day we made that decision and was glad of it. As in most "National Cemteries" we see the many white crosses in a row, all seem to be the same from a distance until you walk up and read the names on the stones, the dates from each begining and each end, we wonder who they were in between. We make a guess by attempting to decipher the few letters on the stone. We see very few flowers in place, the one's we do see carry messages with them and some pictures, this tells us a part of their past, who loved them....who comes back and shares a moment.

There is a Chapel on the grounds for those who wish to sit and reflect, benches are placed throughout the grounds for those who want to linger a little bit longer. The solitude of the cemetery sits close by towering buildings, the main expressway, and the frequent planes flying over does not seem to hamper the stillness of this place by those who take a moment to stop to say thank you.

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