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As the school term came to a close, it was time for my last class with the 7th grade students. For several days, I ponder whether I should teach them more English or PE or something else. One night as I woke up from sleeping, I thought about the famous story of "The Last Lecture" by Pausch. He was a professor who is terminally ill. Before leaving school, he gave his student a last lecture about things he learned from life. This story became famous throughout the world.

So I decided to also give my version of "The Last Lecture" which is a sharing of my life story. I wanted to make it a relax, fun atmosphere so I bought several bags of their favorite snacks and have the students arrange their desks and chairs into a circle. I sat down and shared my story.

In my sharing, I told about the difficulty I went through transitioning from my childhood in Taiwan to an immigrant in the US and how my 6th grade teacher Mr. Blair cared for me and gave me confidence. I shared about how I learn independence when I lived apart from my parents during high school and how during that time God prompted me to re-learn my Chinese. I described how I experienced poverty when young and got a taste for the rich when working as a consultant. I shared why I came to China and to the village and the different things I experience here. At one point, when I apologized for losing my temper one class when they were goofing off, I couldn't control my emotion, choked up, and shed tears. Most of the students began to cry as well. It was quite an emotional moment for all of us. I encouraged these students that they are more than capable and that they just have to believe in themselves. They shouldn't believe the lie that they are second class because all the better students went to the county town for 7th grade and the poor students are left here.

We ended The Last Lecture with a group picture, of which I printed a copy for each student. I will always remember there faces and hope that they will each enjoy the fullness of life.

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