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Well, I thought I may be laying under an umbrella by now...

I will update all of the other blogs when I have a chance. Looks like I will have plenty of time tomorrow. We got up at 4 am to get to the airport and fly to Fiji. We couldn't land in Fiji at noon as planned, as we were told that there is a cyclone. Go figure. We flew around for an hour or so, and finally had to fly an hour and a half each way to Samoa for fuel. We were finally able to land in Fiji 7 hours late, but the entire island is flooded, so we could not get to our hotel. We were able to call and cancel and are now in a barracks- style hostile near the airport with hundreds of pissed (upset and drunk-- both meanings this time) tourists. It's 8:46 pm now, and I'm looking into getting some liquid lunch. We JUST got here! The water in the streets nearly covered the wheels of the van. No skydiving or rafting tomorrow, just lots of "character- building" time in- doors. Hopefully, the cyclone will pass over and we will have a shot at a decent hotel room and some fun in the sun, afterall. Chances are not in our favor, unfortunately. Bleh! Keep an eye on the weather and let me know what you find out. Pretty amazing situation here. Prayers welcomed! I will update as possible. Cheers!

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