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I enjoyed the street show at the United Kingdom Pavilion in the...

Looking across to the France Pavilion.

Then I went to the Japan Pavilion.


Italy Pavilion has some beautiful buildings.

A close up in Italy.

Even more of a close up.

Looking straight up in the Chinese temple.

Wow... China Pavilion has a lot of details.

Although I had a great noon lunch in Morocco Pavilion... my afternoon...

Mexico Pavilion

I had wandered back to Japan Pavilion as the sun was setting.

Epcot is even pretty at night.

They still had the Christmas tree lit... look how huge is it......


Taken as I drug my tired body out of Epcot and headed...

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(MP4 - 3.16 MB)

Morocco Pavilion

(MP4 - 2.63 MB)

United Kingdom Pavilion

After a nice visit with Salle (thank you for the wonderful homemade peach jam!) and the completion of some household chores this weekend we decided (on a whim) to make a side trip over to Epcot. I have always wanted to visit Epcot, but on the other end of the spectrum, Willis has always been less than enthusiastic about going. So... since we have an RV and Willie is perfectly happy being a “homebody” hanging out in Clyde, we decided to make the side trip to Orlando for me to see Epcot while he and Blayde simply hung out in the RV for the day.

Going through Epcot alone had its ups and downs. On the up side I didn’t have to ever ask, “so what do you want to see/do now?”, I saw the sights at my own pace, I didn’t have to share the seat on most rides and I chose my dining experiences based entirely on what I wanted to eat without worrying about Willie's food preferences. However, on the down side, standing in line with no one to talk to gets boring, I got tired of the looks and responses from the ride attendants when they asked “how many in your party” and I responded “one” and, lastly, I didn’t get to say “oooh look at that!” to Willie throughout the day’s experiences. Also, now that the experience is completed, I find that I am missing the “Remember the (fill in the memory here)!” which is part of conversation between people who have shared an experience as fun as Epcot. Although I can reminisce about the beauty of the various countries in the World Showcase and the fun of the rides (I loved Mission: Space) I can’t discuss it with Willie!

Regardless, even with all the cons considered, I am still glad I visited Epcot. Chalk that up as “one of life’s dreams” completed. Now, let's work on the other things on the list… like where am I going to meet Alton Brown?

Happy Travels, Rebecca

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