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The MC Escher house at the entrance to Los Pazos

Climbing to the top of a pointless staircase

Lord only knows

Sam and some wacky stairs

Concrete plants

Concrete rose (Plaza of James)

Looking down another wacky (slightly dangerous) staircase


The intersection of concrete and nature

Lord only knows #2

Labia Door

Art in the jungle

Concrete bamboo


We felt that Las Pozas deserved its own entry. We agreed that this place was the strangest (or at least one of the strangest, though we can't think of much stranger right now) thing we'd ever seen. Edward James, a crazy rich guy from England, who may or may not have been the bastard son of King Edward VIII, fell in love with the beatiful countryside in Xilitla while bathing in a nearby waterfall. So the story goes, during the fated bath, he encountered a sky full of monarch butterflies that surrounded him and inspired him to build a surrealist home around said falls. Las Pozas has been called "a surrealist Shangi-La" and I suppose it is. Being rich and keeping company with the likes of Salvidor Dali and Rene Magrite, he commissioned a huge garden of craziness; stairs that lead to nowhere, giant concrete flowers, stone serpents - its hard to describe, so just look at the pictures. We had a great time and spent the day walking up and down bizarre steep stairs in the cold rain. This of course added to the surrealism because it's been hot and dry every single day here in Xilitla - we were told by Elena that it was cold and rainy today to punish us for drinking beer last night. Who really knows.

Any which way, we're saying goodbye to Xilitla and the Hotel San Ignacio tomorrow morning, with thoughts, hopes, and dreams of taking an overnight bus from Ciudad Valles tomorrow night to Monterrey, Mexico's third largest city. Woo hoo, cities! Monterrey is three hours from Nuevo Laredo, which is ten minutes from Laredo, Texas, which is about six hours from Austin, if anyone out there wanted a quick geography lesson (and some hints as to our itinerary).

Until later.

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