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Sihanoukville was calming down from its New Year excesses when we arrived, the odd room were once again available, the guesthouses prices were approaching normality, and there was room on the beach once more. We ended up at a place called Cool Banana which had more than its share of Scottish football shirts on display, courtesy of the frequently drunk and slightly mad Scottish manager. The only shirt of significance missing was the Rangers top so Ian felt compelled to donate his 'Gers shirt to put the situation right.

Sihanoukville is Cambodia's premier beach destination although to be honest Thailand's beaches do deservedly overshadow the one's here. Unfortunately most beaches here seem to be in the process of being developed by one resort company or another and are therefore strictly speaking out of bounds, however we found the security to be lax to say the least and managed to sneek our way onto Victory Beach (OK) and Sokha Beach (our favourite) and of course visited the current traveller's favourite of Serendipity Beach (not bad, just a shame about those annoying salesmen). We found ourselves drifting into the Monkey Republic restaurant which did serve it must be said rather large portions of excellent food, I just couldn't get enough of the pork steak and mash - not very Cambodian I know but it was good.

After a week's stay it was time to part company with Ian and Elaine as they headed off to Vietnam and I headed off to Bangkok to get myself another Indian visa and finalise my short return to the Indian subcontinent.

And now for my closing thoughts on Cambodia:


1. The Temples of Angkor (of course).

2. A trip to the disturbing S21 and killing fields.

3. The exceptionaly friendly village folk around Kompong Cham.


1. Moto drivers in Phnom Penh.

As a whole Cambodia didn't connect with me as well as Laos, and outside of Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh there isn't really much to see. Still worth a visit though. 6/10.

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