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Spent the day unpacking and organizing . We are now ready to start meeting neighbors, making new friends, and exploring . Lots going on in the Mesa/Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

Tom grilled tonight . It is 70 degrees until the sun goes down and then it gets cool mighty fast. Last night we were freezing because we didn't put on heat and had thin blankets on the bed. Now we know! Supposed to get even cooler next week. Guess it keeps the bug population down.

I must mention the vigilance of the local police. This is tourist season and I swear they count on the visitors for their yearly revenue. As soon as we arrived we were warned about the "ticket situation" here. There are cameras everywhere. Better not go through a yellow, cross a solid white line, etc. The people who were here last year paid the price and have warned everyone else. We are on our best behavior!

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