Paul's 'Super Baje' Tour - Part II travel blog

Auckland City Council Building, and a beautiful, sunny welcome

Great Art Deco, Auckland Civic Theatre

City Sky Tower, bungy jumping tomorrow, Perhaps???

My Auckland home, Rendezvous Hotel

View of the City to the West, from One Tree Park

Happy New Year 2009, from Maori Monument, One Treep park

My goodness me, where oh where did this year go? I am really not sure what city, or country I am in anymore. But, it's been such a fantastic adventure this year. Auckland was strangely quiet, yesterday when I arrived from Bangkok. It appears this place clears out over their summer holidays, and by Monday the traffic and stores will re-open again. It reminded me a bit of Koh Samui at first, but the more I walked around, I realized how similar Auckland is to Vancouver. I am sure over the next few days, more will unfold, and I am excited to be able to enjoy in the realative calm.

Leaving the Hotel last evening for a walk, and rounding a corner, I saw a huge line up in front of an older building. I thought at first, perhaps a huge sale was taking place, but the closer I got to the group, and on reading the sign on the dirty window, I realized this was a street mission. I counted perhaps 150 folks waiting for beds for the night, and thought it's not that many years ago when this was the way I would be spending my New Years. By now making some different choices these days, I was able to carry on and spend last night, with a wonderful group of like minded people and enjoy my evening. I even got a guided tour of the city afterwards, and again today-life is good.I am filled with gratitude as, I approach another year and have a very optimistic outlook for 2009.

Part of this is due, to having the good fortune to be blessed with, so many good friends. As a result of this journey, I have been able to expand that base, and count myself very lucky. I certainly have all my needs looked after, and my want list is very short.

Thank you all for your support, and emails along the way. I wish you all a fantastic 2009, and look forward to sharing many Happy Trails in your good company.


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