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Tim Surfing like a pro

It's all about the lifetsyle

not so lifestyle...

The big prawn...

Headed down for an early stroll around Byron Beach and the town centre where we amazingly bumped into Olie (Tim's flat mate from 1st year at uni!). We knew he was in Oz but had no idea we would see him here. We then boraded the bus for the drive to Arrawarra for surf camp at Mojo Spot X, on the way stopping to look at a giant prawn...

We arrived at the surf camp after 2 PM and immediately headed to the beach for a spot of sun worshipping before returning to camp to kit up and get ready for our surf lesson. After 40 minutes of crap chat about safety etc we picked up our 9 foot foam boards and headed to the beach where we had a quick lesson on paddling and standing up (yawn!).

The boards were so big that you'd have to be pretty much retarded to not be able to catch a wave and stand up. Tim immediately picked up from where he'd left off from surfing in France, but Adam wasn't too far behind and we were both soon catching waves and riding them in to shore, all the time looking cool (thems the rules!). After about an hour and a half Adam got stung by a jellyfish and left the water, with Tim being one of the last people left in surfing until almost sunset. When Adam got back to campo complaining about his jellyfish sting, convinced he was going to die and expecting immediate first aid he was told to: "Take a concrete pill and harden up"....Ha!

In the evening we had a massive bbq and drank a load of goon, again catching up with Olie over a few drinks, and giving our guide Deano a well deserved gift of his favourite spirits.

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