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A hot day, but pretty cloudy and the promise of some showers. We planned to spend the day doing some shopping in 'downtown' Auckland.

We got an all day bus pass and made the most of the one hour journey to check out the suburbs and see what Auckland looked like. I suppose it looks like the other big cities here – mostly low buildings, some nice big houses but mostly tiny, cheap-looking ones. Hundreds of car dealerships – on our bus journey home I counted exactly 60 of them, so I don't think 'hundreds' is much of an exaggeration.

There were a couple of nice-looking shopping districts, as well as a couple of areas that you wouldn't want to be left in after dark. We walked around the downtown shops for a bit – but mostly they were fashion boutiques and not really our thing. We went to the Sky Tower and watched a couple of people jump off it – sort of bungy style, but with a twist. Then we took another bus to Newmarket and some more shops. We both got a couple of things, but mostly we were disappointed with the shops. After a quick stop at the supermarket we finally took another bus back to Manukau.

The camp site is really busy tonight – in fact they have a full sign on the door. Most of the people here are on their first or last night. In the kitchen there's a couple of shelves dedicated to bits and pieces that those going home have left – mostly food, but some other camping bits too. A lot of the campsites have a 'free food' bin, but nothing on this scale, you could probably live here and never have to buy anything.

We watched a bit of telly, chatted to a few people and enjoyed a steak for dinner.


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