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on the train to Lop Buri

my seat on the train to Lop Buri

which monkey is caged here?

monkey shrine


me and Jamie at a monkey shrine


big white buddha!

monkeys taking over!!

glad that isn't my truck!

pose for the camera






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monkey shrine.. Hey back up, back up!!

The train ride from Ayuthaya to Lop Buri was quite interesting to say the least. No room to stand or sit really in 3rd class unless you are disabled, old or a monk. I was prepping myself in the door way where you walk on the train and staning/sitting on the step holding on for dear life for an hour and a half so I wouldn't fall off. Can't complain too much since the cost was 15 baht (about 40 cents). And I survived it and am sure there are many more of those to come!

There are a few ruins in Lop Buri like there are in Ayuthaya, but they are more well known for the monkeys that have taken over this town. Jamie and I met a couple of girls from Vancouver Island who stayed at the hostel with us the night before and also took the same train. They are on their way to Chiang Mai as well and we all decided to walk around Lop Buri together and see the temples and monkeys. At the monkey shrine there were a couple monkeys jumping on me trying to unlace my boots and open my pockets, but I wasn't having it. On the streets there were monkeys just hanging out or eating junk on top of peoples cars and hanging off of electricity lines. Crazy place!

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