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I've been very naughty today and done virtually nothing. I feel guilty about it too, because there is a good deal I could have done, but as this is likely to be the last day that I am able to do nothing, that is what I did. Just a load of washing and a quick ride up to the village to buy a new book, other than that I've just been lying in the sun and reading.

Nick has faired a little better as he is currently swimming in the sea. I couldn't be bothered.

It's been hot, mostly sunny, but windy, especially this afternoon. It makes me nervous about what is to come tomorrow. I know we've some hills to cover, but it's the wind that worries me. We'll try to reach Orere Point, but it's a long way to go if the wind is strong. Anyway, no point dwelling on it. Extra helpings, that's what's required :o)

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