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Today was a lovely day and, at last I did manage to upload the journal (which I guess you'll know already if you're reading this :o) Not the pictures, but the text at least.

We started the day with a trip to the supermarket to get breakfast. The weather was clear, sunny and hot and Nick was keen for another swim, but I had a few things I needed to buy and I was desperate to get the journal uploaded, so I went off in search of civilisation. I found it too, which somewhat surprised us, as Papamoa is really a tiny place. We've been to a lot bigger that have had one shop. Papamoa had about 50 of them! It also had a cafe with free wifi with any purchase, so a coffee and muffin had me on my way. I just managed a couple of emails in the one hour of wifi I had too.

When I got back to the tent, Nick was just in the shower after his swim. While I was waiting for him I noticed a tent that had been blown over the fence at the edge of the campsite and was flying – kite like – over the dunes, held down only by one of the guy-ropes that had caught in the slats of wood of a picnic table. I rescued it, recognised it, and tried to secure it back from where it had come from, but could only find 2 tent pegs at the site (no wonder it had blown away). It never ceases to amaze me how careless people are with securing their tent. Like the wind never blows and the rain never rains in New Zealand.

When Nick got back he said the sea was cold, with a big, strong swell and not nearly as much fun alone :o)

We had lunch, and then took a long stroll along the beach, towards Mount Maunganui, in the sunshine. Amazingly there were loads of jellyfish littering the beach. We were walking for about 90 minutes and in that time we probably saw about 30. Funny because we didn't think they came to New Zealand, but only this morning there was a front page picture in the paper showing a huge one in the harbour at Mount Maunganui.

Mind you, the jellyfish paled into insignificance when, on walking back down the beach to the campsite, we spotted....a shark. Honestly. Not a huge one, maybe 5 feet, but undoubtedly, a shark. Another woman, walking the other way, spotted it too, and we stood together and watched it for several minutes as it played about 20 meters away from us in the shallow waves. I tried to convince everyone it was perhaps a dolphin, but there was no denying it, it was a shark. A SHARK !! In fact the lady (who was from Oxford, but had been living in New Zealand since January) said they weren't uncommon along the beach here and that only last week, the beach had been closed because there were too many! Would we be swimming there again? Not bloody likely!

There were people swimming though, and surfing, and we just let them get on with it.


We spent the rest of the evening lounging in the sun reading. Nick made cajun chicken for dinner.


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