This days travels took us 350 miles, 10 hours and many frazzled nerves.

This day of travel had mixed into it perhaps the most bizarre circumstances we've encountered. We departed the Nellis FAMCAMP on time, about 8:30 a.m. driving south on I-15. We'headed for Barstow to make the transition to CA Hwy 58 and get over to Bakersfield. HOWEVER, CDOT had something else in mind. When we got to Prim, NV on the CA/NV border the Interstate was closed, Closed, CLOSED ! How can they do that! Evidently, for the next 9 weeks, CDOT contractors will be blasting mountainsides near the highway for expansion. Each week on Wednesday beginning at 10:00 a.m. the Interstate will be closed for upto four hours.

As is our practice to add sugar to lemon juice and make lemon aid we found a parking spot at Whiskey Pete's, went in for a late breakfast. The casinos at Prim have a plan for all the additional tourists being stranded there for four hours each week, extra personnel, good deals, free stuff (we got in on a free movie "4 Christmases"). The time we spent in Prim amounted to only 3 hours, putting us behind that amount of time. When we got over to the Bakersfield area and made the turn up Hwy 99 it was dark, cold and fog was setting in so even though our plan to make up alot of time and go past Bakersfield didn't amount to much. The fog got to be just too much, so we pulled into the little town of Pixley and found a RV park closeby.

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