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We watch the fireworks over Pakse which were part of the closing...

As our day exploring Muang Champhone was cut short yesterday we decided to finish it off in the morning then head down Highway 13 to Pakse. We took our time to find the village of Nong Luang which is the home of some soft-shelled turtles and headed back to the main road via the monastary at That Ing Hang which we both thought was an interesting diversion.

The road to Pakse was uneventful however finding accomodation proved to be a real challange. Unknown to us Laos was holding its own verion of the Olympic Games at Pakse and all accomodation for miles around was booked out. After 3 hours of fruitless searching, and when you have a motorbike you can do a lot of searching, we eventually ended up at Nazim's Restaurant in the heart of Pakse and explaining our predicament to the owner over a Indian meal. Fortunately the owner took pity upon us and put us up in a spare room : a real gentleman, and the food was excellent to boot. I therefore am giving an unabashed recomendation here: Nazim's Restaurant which also doubles as the Phonsavanh Hotel was excellent, you could do a lot worse than stay here and the owners were fantastic to us.

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