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The dune stops here...

I told you it was white!













Roadrunner tracks


Gray Fox

Some kind of big black beetle

Never figured this one out...aliens?

Black Tailed Jackrabbit (see his big back feet)

Great Horned Owl


Kangaroo Rat

Doesn't this look like a ski resort?



This was on a day hike in the mountains behind the campground

You can see the campground down below, it was a straight up...

We stopped in the White Sands area because we used to come here when I was wee little. My Dad worked at the White Sands Missile Range which surrounds the park, and yea, it was still quite active! We had quite a few window rattling 'BOOMS'!

So the white sand dunes are really huge gypsum deposits (like sheetrock) that form in an old lake bed. The crystals form clear and as the wind breaks them down and blows them around they get scratched up and defract the light which causes them to look white. It really looks like snow, so it was kinda weird walking through 'warm' snow! There was also quite a bit of life out there. We were able to track and identify quite a few species.

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