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Cockfight ring

The road we traveled on for 3 hours to get to the...

The start of our 3 hour boat trip on Yacuma River to...

Views along river trip

Our camp for pampas tour

Great Egret majestically perched along river

Spikey critter, don't know the name, in the porcupine family

Anaconda hunting

In search of anacondas

Still smiling, even though up to my arse in stinky river water!

No anacondas ... but we saw a turtle!

More river scenery

Capuchin monkey

A bar with cold beer in the pampas???

Catching a sunset at the Sunset Bar

Would you have your foot so close to those teeth?

We eventually did see a snake in the water (just not during...

The whole group on the Pampas Tour

Heading upriver on the start of our Jungle trip in Madidi National...

River scenery, #1

Floating hospital

River scenery, #2

This is where we get off!

Our jungle trip camp

Our no-frills dormitory

Macaw (in his cliffside house)

View of the jungle from top of the cliffs

Macaws in flight

Macaws chatting loudly in nearby tree

Welcome to Rurrenabaque airport

The runway

The taxis drive alongside to load up the plane

Final view of the network of rivers making up Rio Amazonas

Photos only ... see "Living the High Life" (story #84)

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