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18 miles

Happy 40th Birthday to Nick !!!

He's much too easy to please...didn't want much at all, just a sky dive. Fortunately the weather was perfect – clear, blue sky, hot and sunny, and low wind.

So I went into town first thing this morning to book that, and then we cycled out to the Rororua airport (about 5 miles away) for 11ish. Surprisingly, given the weather, it was pretty quiet there. In fact, although I'd booked Nick in for 12, they took him up pretty much straight away, alone. Well, obviously not alone. There was a pilot and the tandem skydiver, but other than that, just Nick.

I didn't jump. Not because I didn't want to but it's Nick day after all. Also the cost of the jump was pretty steep here. So I was head photographer.

The jump went without a hitch. 15 000 ft as before. Nick said it seemed to go quicker than the first time, which I guess is because he knew more what to expect. They rigged him up to an oxygen mask before the jump, which they didn't do in Wanaka. Also they just sat on the floor of the plane, rather than on benches, so it was harder to see out of the windows, but even so he got some great vistas right out to Mount Maunganui.

All in all, a success I think.

After we cycled back, we went into town and had a pizza for lunch, which was not really up to standard. All in all I've not been particularly impressed with restaurant food. Not that we've eaten out that much, but even so, there aren't many meals that I would eat again given the chance. Perhaps because of that, Nick decided that he didn't want to go out tonight, so he's cooking a curry. I bought a little bottle of bubbly, a card and some wine. No present as such, because of course we'd have to carry it. I bought him a carved wood mask the other day, but he chose it, so he didn't need to open it. In fact, we sent another parcel back home again today (Annie, thanks for the confirmation that the first one arrived, second one on the way :o). The mask was in it, along with some of our winter woolies that were just weighing us down. Hopefully that will make tomorrow's cycle a bit easier.

Yes we're back on the road again tomorrow, off to Whakatane. It's 92km, so will be the longest we've done (assuming we do it of course). I found a website yesterday which was the travel journal of a guy who also seemed to be cycling around New Zealand (except for a stint in an ambulance when he fell off). He had written about the route that we are doing tomorrow and it didn't sound too bad. His worst enemy was the wind (surprise, surprise) and the forecast for tomorrow is for light winds.

Bye for now.

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