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Home, but not for long

Can you believe it? Just 30 days to go before I venture out into a destiny less well known.

In between, well, there's a fair few things to do before I can hang the 'Gone for a break, back in 1-2 years' sign on my front door. The small matters of a job to finish, a house to rent, permanent belongings to store and transitory belongings to pack.

With good fortune there'll also be time to relax over a glass of mulled wine, make a toast to Christmas present and celebrate the passing of a largely annus horribilis (that's not the after effects of Christmas dinner, btw).

My life currently seems to be one big, arduous 'to do' list, yet it's the means to creating a largely 'Hmmm, what shall I do today?' list.

Relatively few people are gifted the opportunity to achieve such a level of freedom for such a prolonged period. So, whilst I'm juggling with the burdens of life admin, I pause to look up and thank my lucky stars that I have been.

Then I'll crack on through to the end of the list. And get to writing that sign.

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