When we come through Las Vegas there are three places we like to stay, one of those is the Desert Eagle FAMCAMP at Nellis AFB. Though there was alittle overnight rain in Salome, Arizona the roads were dry and temperatures were mild, a nice drive for the 255 miles.

We came here for several reasons, a two day rest, see kids/grandkids and get the new truck "Jack" engine and differential changed over to AMSOIL Synthetic fluids. The AMSOIL company has a distribution center near Nellis AFB and Dave always takes advantage of the base auto shop to do the maintence on our vehicles. In two hours or so he can rotate the tires, change out the fluids.

A visit with son Keith's family was terrific as we got to see the progress of Kayden. Kayden, for those new to the BLOG, was a 6 month "miracle baby". Now at 2 1/2 years he's healthy, energetic and happy! His big brother, Kody has really stepped up to the plate in teaching Kayden with kindness and tenderness. Grandson Jordan and his mom Angie are always a delight to see and visit.

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