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Yesterday we drove back to Kaikoura. We didn't think we were going to be able to swim with the dolphins because the weather wasn't great and we thought the sea was a bit rought but WE CAN!!!!!!

It was soooo soooo soooo cool!!! There was 13 people on our boat and we got to swim with about 50 dolphins and they were everywhere, and I mean everywhere. They would come up so close, and then you would look them in the eye and swim around and around in a circle with them. I think they really liked playing with us because they just stayed and leaped around us and kept coming up and seeing us.

THIS WAS THE COOLEST$^*(%$#@@%&*())!!!

When we had finished we got changed, but it was really rocky and everyone felt sick. We then watched them playing around for about another half an hour. We saw a pod of about 200, they were everywhere. These dolphins are called the acrobats of the sea, and you can see why. They love to show off and do flips, and once one dolphin starts, it doesn't just do one flip it does heaps.

Anyway this was a great day.

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