Bodendorfer Family Egyptian Excursion 2008! travel blog

View from our hotel balcony

The Red Sea off the other balcony


Meet Ivan


Hurghada is truely a beautiful Oasis in the middle (okay edge) of a very large desert! The water in the Red Sea is the brightest blue I have ever seen and so clear you can see the fish below you as you float along! This Egyptian resort town is definately the playground of the rich! The yachts are huge and each resort is bigger and better than the one you just passed.

We are staying at the Stiegenberger Resort. The staff here is amazingly attentive and so nice. They have employees here that their job is to just keep the guests happy. They will go to any length to get you what you need or to make your stay perfect. We made friends with three of these staff members: Tito, Momo and Walid. We played football(soccer) every day on the beach with them. Our teams were made up of other guests. They each came from different countries and in many cases did not speak any english. You quickly learn to communicate with grunts and a crude form of sign language :) Dan the boys and I have never had so much fun! We even have video of some of the games.

I took belly dancing lessons (worth a really good laugh), the boys took a lesson in speaking and writing Arabic and we even took in a night at the discotech!

We quickly made friends with a family from Moscow, Russia. They had a boy named Ivan who is the same age as Austin. The Mom spoke a little english so we were able to communicate with english and that crude form of sign language I mentioned above. We did many things with this family and I really feel the boys came away from this with a great new long distance friendship!

I had NACHOS!!!! No meat...of course! I have never eaten so much in my life! We discovered Hard Rock Cafe and all of were very happy to actually understand the menu!

Dan and I have also discovered Sakara Beer (a local beer) and it is wonderful! The boys have discovered an orange soda they love so from a liquid standpoint we are set!

I hope you enjoy the photos. Next we are off on yet another flight to Sharm El Sheik Egypt....directly across the Red Sea (you can actually take a ferry) from Saudi Arabia!

Things seem pretty scary out there in the wide world with the terrorist attach in India and the "issues" in Thailand! So far, no issue here! I hope all our friends from India are okay and that none of their family were affected!!!! It was the first thing that crossed my mind when we say the news here in Egypt!

Stay warm! We are going on an all day snorkeling trip on the Red Sea tomorrow....the guide book I bought mentions sharks! I am sure I will have some great stories after tommorow!

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