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Desert Scene

More Desert - Trip From Luxor to Hurgahda

Rest Stop With Local Transportation

Rest Stop With Local Residents...we paid to take this photo!

Said - Christmas present (GPS)

Hi Everyone!

Okay, first of all I would like to start off by saying that phone access and sometimes internet connections in Egypt can be hard to come by!!! A lot of times the hotels offer it, but it doesn't work or in the case of cell lines, they are conjested. None the less, I have an update.

The convoy from Luxor to Hurgahda through the Sahara Desert was quite an adventure! Let me set the scene.....7 AM, 30 tour buses/vans, Egyptian Police carrying machine guns all followed up by an Egyptian explosives response truck! Oh yeah, we aren't in Wisconsin anymore! Did I mention that our drive was 4 hours long through the desolate desert?

They tell you to bring water/drinks as we would be making only one stop (mandatory rest stop)along the way. So, we did! However, you we quickly learned that the one stop we were making was basically an Oasis with camels, Bedouins, postcards and a toilet. Oh yeah, you have to pay to pee! We held it! More on this story when I return!

I know how bad this whole story sounds, but in the long run it really wasn't that bad. The entire route all of the buses stayed together and the police let the whole way. There were checkpoints along the way...with more Police and machine guns...but nothing even remotely bad ever happened. It seems that they do this to prevent anyone from ever trying to attack the tourists. At least for our trip, thankfully it worked!

We have amazing pictures from the ride that Alec shot from our private van. I have attached a few for you to see. In this country...Sand Is Your Friend....however, my contacts would beg to differ.

We arrived in Hurgayda around lunch time. It is absolutely the most beautiful site you can imagine. You emerge from the desert to the most absolute blue water of the Red Sea!! It is such a contract against the red color of the desert sand and mountains!

Our driver Saleed had never heard of our resort...hence the "Lost in Egypt"! After a tour of Hurgayda and a few stops to ask for directions (in Arabic) we arrived at the most amazing resort you have ever seen! It has the largest pool in the Middle East! It is kind of like the Dells in the middle of a desert :)

I hope you enjoy the picture and I really hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We have heard about the snow....YUCK! Not that I am trying to make anyone feel bad, but it is in the mid 80's every day here and never a cloud in the sky! In the summer the normal high here is 113!

More entries to come!

Miss you all!!!!

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