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Typical Melaka!

Chinatown in Melaka - not the most exciting!

You get the picture!

A Portuguese cargo ship used to trade spices

I headed south to Malaka, the Lonely Planet listed it as one of the top 36 things to do in Asia, I think this was a little exaggerated. It was a very important trading town back in the days when it was a Dutch colony so was interesting to see a re-constructed wooden Portuguese ship etc....

I am also trying to manage my timetable to get an Indonesian visa for Bali. The embassy are so unhelpful and I am still not sure they will issue me with a visa. You would imagine they would be trying to encourage tourists to visit right now!

For the book lovers.....

One great thing about travelling is you get to read all the books you haven't have time to read for about 5 years! It helps the time go by on the bus or if I am Norma No Mates! Two excellent books I have read this week were:

Mr Nice - Howard Marks (Oxford graduate who becomes a global hash smuggler) and

Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Something or other (couldn't put it down!)

If anyone knows of any other good quality books (no girly trash)then please let me know.


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