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November 7th, 2008

I got up at the crack of dawn to go hiking. It was a beautiful morning. I met Sara, whom was also traveling with Sonia and Karrie. Small world, she grew up on Madiera Island (where my folks are from) and visits her family quite often. She currently works in London. We waited for the rest of the group to show up and off we went with our guide. So, I don't know what my brain was thinking when it signed up for the hike. I'm out of shape and have been in confinement for 2-3 weeks...yeah...I can hike up a mountain...whatever. So, I slowly made my way up the mountain...very slowly...I felt bad because the group kept having to stop and wait. I talked to Sara afterwords and she said the group didn't mind having a break every once in awhile. There were only 4 times that my brain kicked in. And it was to say 'don't look down' and 'watch your footing because its a long way down' and 'aren't you afraid of heights.' Sometimes I think I'm over my fear and then I look and my heart starts racing. Anywho, I made it to the top of the Indian Nose. The group was great. I remember this couple from Spain. They made it to the top with not even breaking a sweat while smoking cigarettes. And there I was...drenched, slowly making my way up. The view from the top was amazing. I made it to the top and back down in one piece.

Anywho, during the hike Sara asked where I was headed next. The plan was to stay in San Pedro for one more night, then go to Pana and from Pana head to Chichi for the market on Sunday. So...the plan changed, of course. I ended up leaving San Pedro that afternoon and going to San Marcos with Sara. She was meeting up with Sonia and Karrie there, they left that morning. I lost the night that I paid for, but it was for the best. I wasn't liking San Pedro that much and I'm sure the paint fumes weren't the best for my health.

So, after the hike...I showered and packed. We hopped on a public boat to San Marcos.

The boat ride was great. The boat was packed with people. I ended up seating next to the captain. Once in San Marcos, we met up with the girls at a resturant. Luckily, the place they were staying had a single room for not to bad of a price. It was luxurious compared to a couple of the places I had stayed at previously. At the resturant we sat with an older Isreali couple. He was quite the talker. Back home he trains dogs to sniff out drugs and bombs. Pretty interesting. He hates going to the states. He had been detained twice because he fit a profile. One time he was invited by the US government to come to a conference (i think). So...they took him to a little room and questioned him. He told them why he was there...he was a guest and gave them a contact number and name because he was supposed to be picked up at the airport. Let's just say the questioning officer came back embarrased because officials where outside waiting for him to take him to his hotel. The best/worst story was when he was in Carolina training dogs and was leaving to go back home. He had been training dogs all day, I guess, and then went to the airport to catch his flight. A dog at the airport tagged him as a suspect. They detained him for 3 hours, strip searched him and questioned him. He's not a fan of the States. He's stories were highly entertaining.

San Marcos is a fabulous place to go relax and hang out. I'm so glad I went. The town is small and homey. I even took my chances and ate street food, it was great and the Pepto didn't come out. The Aaculaxx hotel was great. It was amist the vegetation and there were humming birds everywhere. I tried to take a picture, but they were just too fast. Their was a little town centre, other than that eveything was connected by foot paths. Everything was lush and green.


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